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This game is about when Shadow the hedgehog has lost his memory. He can only remember a lowley two things: A word flowing through his head 'shadow' and a grousome image-'panting, Shadow and a young girl aged about 12 are running. They are blocked from the front and back. A G.U.N soldier shoots and shadow yells MARIA! The image is over...' A darck worm-hole is in the sky in the colour of red as creatures called 'black aliens' are falling from it, destroying central Metropilis...

Shadow meets someone called 'balck doom' who claims he can help him retrive his memory by obtaining the chaos emeralds.

Easy and hard routes!

 In each mission, there is usualy three routes to choose from: Hero; Normal; and Villain. Unless you're feeling brave, DON'T do the HERO mission or you'll go straight into a boss. Hero missions usualy involve defeating all black aliens. Sonic is the first partner you have. In the first level, I think the best gun you can obtain is the 'flash shot' an alien gun with plenty of shots. On the dark mission where your partner is 'Doom's eye', Black doom's messanger who gives you tips like all partner, you are aiming to kill all G.U.N soldiers then you are done. Te normal mission is the alternitave and easiest. All you need to do is get the chaos emerald at the end, the other one you find on the way automaicly. The last level obviousely is a boss and is either the 'Egg Roller'(if this name is wrong, please say or expand) if you've done the normal route. If you've taken the villain route, it's 'Devil Doom'. He lies and uses the Chaos Emeralds to dominaite the world. It's also Devil Doom if you take the hero route.  (the talk page says the same- please dont complain.)

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